Cedar Rapids, United States


Cedar Rapids is located in Iowa, U.S. The city is situated on two banks, Cedar River and Iowa City. It is the economic hub of the state. It is also known as the “City of Five Seasons”


Paramount theater: This is one of the old time theaters with great architecture. Various concerts are conducted here. Acoustics are good and seats are comfortable. 

Grant Wood Studio: Here fascinating programs are conducted. Grant Wood studio is one of the most famous studio in Cedar Rapids.

Gilded Pear Gallery: Wonderful space with high level local art .The personnel are friendly and helpful. You must visit this place in Cedar Rapids.

Cedar Rapids Museum of Art: Great Museum for the Cedar Valley area. Great way to spend a few hours to relax here. The Grant Wood exhibit and the Roman Empire exhibit are the highlights of the museum.

National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library: This is a wonderful museum which is well funded, presented, and organized. Very pretty jewelry shop is also available at this place.


Village Meat Market & Cafe: Authentic taste with varieties of food. Highly recommended spot.

Emil's Hideaway: The food and the service are great. This restaurant has a great menu with some unique selections. A tempting place for a date or outing with friends or family.

Zeppelins: Good food, a little expensive, but the service is awesome. This is one of the best places to visit when getting into Cedar Rapids. Well organized place, with delicious food. You will have a great experience here.

The Lost Cuban: This place is especially for non-vegetarian lovers. Enjoy the authentic taste of Cuban food here.

Chick-fil-A: You will find nice and friendly staff here with food under everyone’s budget.