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With IA's comprehensive listing, which currently has more than 261 listings, it's easy to find the perfect Cedar Rapids home to sell. IA Zillow has had 14,691 home sales in Iowa and there are 582,179, so it has never been so convenient to monitor your search.

The median home price in Cedar Rapids is $159,900, and IA Coldwell Banker estimates that more than 1,000 single-family homes will be for sale in the city by January 2021. The median price for a two-bedroom home with 2.5 bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen is $160,700 in January 2021.

This house is located at 6805 1st Avenue Sw in Cedar Rapids, IA and is listed on Homes for Homes. The house was put up for sale in January 2021 by IA Coldwell Banker for $160,700 and is located on Ave.

This house is located at 6805 1st Avenue Sw in Cedar Rapids, IA and is listed on Homes for Homes. This house with its nearby schools, including the house itself, is located on the east side of the city at the corner of 2nd Avenue SW and 2rd Street SW.

Cory Bryant, of Oxford, is wanted for the rape of a 14-year-old girl in Cedar Rapids, IA, on May 29, 2020. He was an assistant coach at the University of Iowa from 2009 to 2014 and served two years on the Iowa Falls High School football team, and was the head coach of the men's basketball team from 2010 to 2015.

Cedar Rapids offers art and culture to people looking for a home to rent in a vibrant urban area. The site, which covers Cedar Rapids, Iowa, home to the University of Iowa and Iowa State University, made its way into the top 10 most popular neighborhoods in Iowa on June 19, 2018. Located in Linn County, just off Interstate 30, Cedar Terrace is one of the largest residential complexes in the city with over 1,200 units. Of these, 107 are single-family homes, 70 are condominiums and are located on the east side of Cedar Ridge Road, south of I-30.

Cedar Rapids is a corn processing city and home to one of the largest corn processing plants in the United States. Sioux City, Iowa, is the capital of Iowa, twice named an All-America city by the National Civic League and declared the Great Place of Iowa. The city is the second largest city in Iowa with a population of more than 1.5 million and is the most populous in southwestern Iowa. Swimming lessons at the Cedar Rapids Aquatic Center, a 2,000-seat indoor pool that stretches south of I-30 on the south side of Cedar Ridge Road.

News (KPTM) provides news and information about the city of Cedar Rapids and the surrounding area, which includes Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Des Moines and Cedar Falls. The Iowa State Capitol, the University of Iowa campus, is located at the corner of I-30 and South Cedar Ridge Road, just south of the Iowa Capitol Building.

Remember that a typical home in the area spends an average of $57 a day on the market, and Zillow has a swimming pool that matches that. There are a number of swimming pools for sale in Cedar Rapids, priced between $113,309 and $479,000. If you're looking for a swimming pool, you can stay at the Cedar Falls Aquatic Center, a public swimming pool and fitness center, for $1,500.

Buy this wellness center now and have it delivered free of charge to that special customer, and you'll make your next purchase hassle-free. Vinyl stair railings, handrails and spindles provide excellent weather resistance. Get authentic wood in Cedar Rapids IIA at our winter sale event in Coralville, Iowa.

Historic homes built in the late 1800s and early 1900s are available in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Discover 55 senior apartments in Cedar Rapids IIA at our winter sale in Coralville, Iowa. Since 1996 we have welcomed more than 2,000 visitors to our community centre, and since its opening over 1,500 visitors.

This location will be the second Hilton Garden Inn in the Corridor as the existing hotel will be converted into a hotel. The city of Cedar Rapids documents show that the hotel will have a total area of 1,500 square feet and 102 rooms and 190 parking spaces. We offer a wide selection of hotels, restaurants, bars, hotels and restaurants in the area, with an emphasis on hospitality and entertainment.

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