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From singer-songwriters to heavy metal bands, Iowa City and Cedar Rapids have produced a variety of music acts. Dozens of artists make up the local music scene, but not many get recognition from concert-goers in the area. These performers are fortunate enough to experience the kind of events that take place all over Cedar Falls and beyond.

Moreover, the music business has something for everyone, and many simply have to find out what is really something. We have hired a band of musicians and can tell you more about them and what they have to say to us.

The ACE Music Booking Agency will find the best musicians in Cedar Rapids IA that fit your budget. Please tell us what kind of music you expect from your musicians at your event. Local musicians, who can be hired, will be happy to discuss how they can offer good performances for your events. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about when to book a musician from Cedar Falls, IA.

We provide local musicians where necessary, but we do many other things besides booking live music. Our production team will be directly involved with Cedar Rapids venues and create bespoke events just for you.

We specialize in these types of events, and IA - ACE does all the work for free, and the Howl2GO team works tirelessly to make your event perfect. A show promoting "Howl at the Moon" is a huge attraction for the Cedar Rapids community, and fundraising for a church, school or chosen cause is perfect. Added: The fact that we are planning events in and around Cedar Falls and other parts of Iowa and making them even more fun is made possible by the introduction of "Howl 2GO" and "Howl to the Moon"! We are proud of our partnership with the Iowa Dueling Arts Council (IA ACE) and Iowa State University (ISU) for their support.

In keeping with the PS1 mission, one of Mission Creek's free events is the annual "Howl at the Moon" concert on Saturday, July 23 at Mission Creek.

Simply make a booking request for the type of music you prefer and get a price quote. Last summer's music festival featured live music, food, beer, wine and beer gardens for a full day. This means you get access to Dueling Bands, free food and drink, a beer garden and more.

How you take advantage of this opportunity can help determine how far you go in the music business and how much money you make.

Leah Anderson has been teaching piano for 19 years and enjoys teaching piano lessons filled with a variety of music to capture the state of development of each individual. She has also stepped in for the local Eastern Iowa Symphony, playing chamber music with her younger sister Ella, and is always on the lookout for more creative projects to follow.

As a person with many interests, she sees music as a unifying factor that significantly influences the various phases of life. Leah believes that early childhood experiences with music help natural listening take place and develop, which fosters a strong connection and passion for music. In addition to her active involvement with music, Piper has made it her mission to venture into the wilderness to appreciate the moments outside the net that she treasures.

Leah studied piano and received a Suzuki degree from the University of Iowa School of Music in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and Music Therapy from the University and her Master of Music Art from the University of Iowa, both with a Bachelor of Music Education and Music Therapy.

She went on to attend Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, graduating with a bachelor's degree in 1983 and a master's degree in violin in 1986. She then returned to Iowa City for a few years before attending graduate school at the University of Iowa. Anna wanted to strengthen her teranga thongs and learn more about the experience of studying and moved back to Cedar Rapids, IA in April 2019. Piper has spent time with other musicians in the past, most recently in New York City and Los Angeles, before moving back to Cedar Falls in 2016 to work with her husband and co-founder of a record label based in CR.

When she is not teaching or managing, she performs in chamber music concerts and has performed with the Cedar Falls Symphony Orchestra and the Iowa State Orchestra. She has also performed and taught at the University of Iowa for the past two years and has performed at the US Chamber Music Festival in New York City and Los Angeles. pandemic before the concert, I said to her: "I would like to play with you in a chamber music concert.

Sperry has recently launched a website aimed at showbookers and music lovers who want to get acquainted with local artists in the area. One of the strangest things I eat is that locals who want to get a glimpse of the DIY scene and who might be put off by traditional DIY concerts are not very good at it.

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