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Most major retailers announced this summer that they would remain closed on Thursday, a change from last year. Rapid is looking very different this year as retailers and shoppers prepare for the rising number of COVID-19 infections. The days of crowds gathering outside the door to grab bargains are probably over for the year, but not without a few surprises.

Target is introducing more MyCheckout devices that allow its team members to check customers from anywhere in the store and avoid queues at the checkout. This replaces the social distancing that shoppers had to maintain during the holiday shopping season last year due to the rise of COVID-19.

Bring your current golf clubs and evaluate them to see if you can take them out of your hands for a loan on a new club. Compare current equipment with new options to find the right club for your game.

Our team of experts has been rigorously trained and will be on hand to help you find the perfect equipment for your game. Our full-service Club Repair Center can help you repair what plagues your club from relocation to revival and everything in between. To impress, we are equipped with exceptional fitness technology and can handle as many different types of clubs as possible, helping you find the ideal club for you and your game, from the most popular to the more opaque.

If Amish Connection does not have a similar product at hand, we have construction workers who are willing and willing to create it from scratch. If a piece is damaged or stains or colours are no longer suitable for the design of your room, you can always rework it yourself.

Target customers can contact Target.com or online to check if there is a queue in their local store and if so, they can reserve a place in the queue. Target will send a text message to customers to notify them when it's their turn to turn around and enter the store.

The day will end at 7: 30 p.m. with a final checkout at the Cedar Rapids Target Store at 615 W. Main Street.

Grab a bag of handmade gourmet popcorn from Great American Popcorn Co. and wash it down with a prize - the award-winning Lion's Bridge Brewery IPA. Cross the street and walk around the corner to visit a lively shop full of antiques and vintage items. End the day with a visit to Stam's Chocolaterie and spend the afternoon tasting homemade, old-fashioned sweets.

The Austad Golf Store is one of the largest in Cedar Rapids and covers 7,500 square feet. The selection is really designed to impress, and they even carry brands that are not found anywhere else in the area. Clubs, golf balls and even golf clubs with launch ramps are the perfect place to find your next club. At Austad you are always welcome to try out the goods, but they are always open for business.

The heart of Iowa Market Place offers Iowa - home-made food and gifts, as well as a wide selection of handmade items. Visitors can leave the crew and head to an authentic barn that was brought in from Germany in 1996 and built in Iowa.

New Pioneer offers fresh, prepared goods and has some of the best chefs in the area who run their kitchens and delis. New Pioneer uses organic, local ingredients to produce freshly prepared, fresh and healthy food, and offers a wide range of fresh and sustainable quality food, giving local farmers and producers the opportunity to sell their produce in one place. The local marketplace website allows local businesses and market groups to use their market group, which in turn makes it easier for customers to shop, find and buy online.

Many retailers offer roadside pickup services to entice shoppers to continue shopping in local stores rather than going online. Priority will be given to vendors within 250 miles of the store and determined by buyer demand, benefiting the local food industry, buyers and the environment. We also run ads in local newspapers to promote sales, and we prioritize sellers outside our 250-mile business.

The coronavirus pandemic has left many Americans underemployed or unemployed, and the country's largest retailers have limited the number of customers in stores to ease congestion and promote social distancing. Brick-and-mortar retailers are battling online giants such as Amazon.com, while concerns about the technology have led many shoppers to avoid in-person purchases. Retailers are also trying to take into account a possible second federal stimulus injection before Christmas and further possible store closures due to soaring CO-19 cases. Where I live is to help communities shop online and at local businesses before they spend their dollars online or in the community.

Find items from reused pallets and handmade gifts in this one - by - a - friendly store, Lainy Janes. The company works with Amish contractors who have items that can be customized, and customers can even provide photos of the items they are looking for.

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